Haley Johnsen
American Idol / Indie Artist

“It was insane watching every single show vanish, I just remember everything within that 24 hours just canceled, and that was like the beginning of the end- what do we do, just what do we do?”

Jeff Pilson
Foreigner / Black Swan / Ex Dokken

“When we come back I wanna feel that new blood that I’m going to feel and have at that point, I think that’ll be a good thing.”

Jeffrey “Soave” Martinez
Latin Freestyle Artist

“This is the first time in history that the world has had to deal with something negative at one time and at the same time, all together.”

Michael Sweet

“Our lives are at stake here because your livelihood is your life, if you can’t work, if you can’t eat then you’re not going to survive.”

Numa Saisselin
President of The Florida Theatre

“In March, we thought we were going to close for 2 or 3 weeks and that was horrifying, we had no idea how we were going to make it through that, and then it turned out to be nine months.”

Ron Keel
Ron Keel Band

“I always thought that I’d always be able to make a living through my music just on a bar stool with my acoustic guitar, I could go somewhere and make a couple hundred bucks, I realize now that’s not the truth.”

Sabrina Nieves
The Cover Girls

“You can’t throw somebody into the workforce and tell them to shift gears when they’ve been homing in on this craft, from say 18 to 52, to do something else and just figure it out, during a time of pandemic.”



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